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To provide innovative, robust and streamlined total life cycle logistics and materiel readiness support to all DoD organizations. The Soldier Product support Integration Directorate supports the full spectrum force through the development, acquisition, testing, systems integration, product improvement, and fielding the best soldier systems. The S-PSID consists of the Life Cycle Logistics (LCLG) and Soldier Systems Support Group (SSSG).

Life Cycle Logistics Group

Technical Publications Team: Responsible for reviewing, editing and approving all in-house and contractor prepared technical publications for Soldier and Soldier support equipment in a timely manner. This is successfully accomplished while interfacing with three product management offices, other commodity commands, subject matter experts, and end item users to ensure the technical and procedural accuracy of each publication.

Integrated Logistics Support Team: Responsible for managing and coordinating the integration of all logistics aspects of developmental and sustainment programs throughout their life cycle for the Program Management and ILSC stakeholders. Our mission is to deliver the best, most affordable logistics support and sustainment to the Soldier.

Soldier Equipment Support Team: Responsible for providing technical and equipment support to those who develop, operate and maintain Soldier equipment throughout the product's life cycle. Interface with all Soldier commodity teams to establish equipment maintenance requirements, address developmental and sustainment issues, and ensure continued repair parts support for all fielded systems.

Soldier Support Systems Group

Field Feeding: Provides life cycle support and new equipment procurement for all field kitchen (CK/MKT/KCLFF) and food sanitation equipment. Our modern kitchens are capable of providing three hot meals daily for up to 800 personnel.

Field Services: Provides life cycle support and new equipment procurement for laundry, shower, refrigeration, and latrine systems. Our equipment supports field service units, combat support hospitals and mortuary affairs.

Shelters: Provides total life cycle logistics support for Army non-expandable and expandable rigid-wall Shelters. These products include Cargo Bed Covers, Lightweight Multipurpose Shelters (LMS), International Standard Organization (ISO) Shelters, S-250, S-280 Shelters, Authorized Stockage List Mobility Systems, High Value Asset Security Cage, and Solar Shade Systems.

Force Provider:The Force Provider Team performs sustainment support for the Force Provider system. This system is a rapidly deployable base camp set providing climate controlled billeting, DFAC, hygiene, laundry and MWR facilities. Each module provides life support for 600 personnel. The Team manages the readiness and deployability of the system, supports the supply chain while it is deployed and performs Reset upon recovery of the materials. When requested, the Team also provides a forward presence in a contingency area to support operation and field level maintenance.

RESET/Modularity: Supports the level of effort to meet Army requirements and return the force to fully ready status. RESET includes all units and/or organizations that were directly involved in OIF/OEF, and also includes future deployment missions.

Aerial Delivery Equipment Team

Personnel Parachute Team: Providing total life-cycle logistics and material readiness to DoD organizations, Foreign Military, and the Aerial Delivery community, the team is committed to supplying the very best equipment and support available to the War fighter. Of the equipment managed, many are mission critical and life support items that require intense and consistent management by the team.

Cargo Parachute Team: Responsible for procuring, storing, and issuing airdrop cargo items in support of the aerial delivery community. This team of competent professionals is committed to ensuring our joint service customers, foreign military, and others receive state-of-the-art airdrop products to meet their individual mission requirements.

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