Soldier-PSID News Stories

Field Feeding Equipment Request from Afghanistan Unit

The Soldier PSID received a request for assistance from the 4th Infantry Division deployed in Afghanistan for field feeding equipment. The units are establishing several outpost locations with field feeding capabilities and are in need of additional equipment to meet their mission re-quirements. The 4th Infantry Division was unable to obtain the equipment through the supply system. Soldier PSID worked with Letterkenny Army Depot and PM Force Sustainment Sys-tems to meet the capability short-fall sending Modern Burner Units, MBU Tool Kits and other essential field feeding components. Equipment was received last week and is being utilized to serve hot meals.

Containerized Kitchen (CK) Winch Drum Assembly

A Soldier Equipment Support Team Equipment Specialist researched and resolved a part prob-lem with the CK Winch Drum Assembly. The CK Winch Drum Assembly is used for raising and lowering the side wall structures. The Winch Drum Assembly listed in the Containerized Kitchen technical manual has the wrong NSN. The Equipment Specialist worked with the manufacturer and Government Engineer to identify the correct Winch Assembly. The Equipment Specialist initiated an action to correct the TM and also requested that PS Magazine post a Hot Topic and article addressing the correction.

Natick ILSC Home


Mission Statement:
The ILSC will continue to provide weapon systems management and life cycle logistics support to the Soldier and ground systems enterprise.

Vision Statement:
What we do each day for our Nation and our Army as the TACOM Life Cycle Management's ILSC Team will demand our utmost in innovation, creativity, and ingenuity.

ILSC Core Competencies:
* Leadership
* Strategic Thinking
* Communication
* Organizational Climate