"Each sale of equipment to overseas customers comprises the same 'total package' of quality materiel, spare parts, training, publications, technical documentation, maintenance support, and other services that AMC provides to U.S. Army units."
- Brig. Gen. Christopher Tucker Commander of USASAC

Data Call

Please complete the T-11/MC-6 Data Call to estimate potential requirenments over the next five years.

Total Package Approach

Our solutions are based on experience and expertise with the most advanced equipment and training available. S-PSID plans include identifying your specific mission requirements and finding the best personnel, equipment and training solution. A system based on our testing, validation and evaluation of real world mission scenarios results in successful, cost-effective solutions for your mission challenges. Evaluating and integrating your existing equipment and personnel with comprehensive training and fielding of new equipment helps you maximize your mission success. Our continuing technical support and ongoing lifecycle relationship promotes self-sufficiency and ensures future success.


  • Continuing long term follow on support
  • Equipment 100% compatible with US MIlitary requirements
  • Configuration management control
  • No sub-standard equipment accepted
  • First Article Testing prior to production
  • Product Quality Deficiency Reporting procedures
  • Standardized training
  • Safety of use messages
  • Ground precautionary messages
  • Maintenance advisory messages
  • Technical support
  • Access to Technical Manual updates
  • Enhances defense industry interest of both nations


Aerial Delivery:

Personnel Parachute Team: Providing total life-cycle logistics and materiel readiness to DoD organizations, Foreign Military, and the Aerial Delivery community, the team is committed to supplying the very best equipment and support available to the Warfighter. Of the equipment managed, many are mission critical and life support items that require intense and consistent management by the team.
Cargo Parachute Team: Responsible for procuring, storing, and issuing airdrop cargo items in support of the aerial delivery community. This team of competent professionals is committed to ensuring our joint service customers, foreign military, and others receive state-of-the-art airdrop products to meet their individual mission requirements.

Field Feeding: Provides life cycle support and new equipment procurement for all field kitchen (CK/MKT/KCLFF) and food sanitation equipment. Our modern kitchens are capable of providing three hot meals daily for up to 800 personnel.

Field Services: Provides life cycle support and new equipment procurement for laundry, shower, refrigeration, and latrine systems. Our equipment supports field service units, combat support hospitals and mortuary affairs.

Shelters: Provides total life cycle logistics support for Army non-expandable and expandable rigid-wall Shelters. These products include Cargo Bed Covers, Lightweight Multipurpose Shelters (LMS), International Standard Organization (ISO) Shelters, S-250, S-280 Shelters, Authorized Stockage List Mobility Systems, High Value Asset Security Cage, and Solar Shade Systems.

Force Provider: Serves as Product Support Integrator (PSI) for the Army's Bare Base Camp containing all material necessary to provide climate controlled billeting, dining facilities, hygiene services, and MWR facilities to support 550+ personnel.

Contact Information

Primary: 508-233-4341
Alternate: 508-233-6020
Email: usarmy.natick.tacom.mbx.nati-soldier-psid-fms@mail.mil

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